Meet Me In The Menopause

  • Our Lovely Liver

    We all know that the best way to take care of your body is through diet and exercise, but are there any additional steps to maintaining a healthy liver?

    Many ladies in menopause are doing so much naturally from eating your favourite healthy foods to taking a stroll in nature. With a little fine tuning of your diet routine the difference you can feel after a couple of weeks can be truly outstanding.

  • Balance - Body with Beautiful Brain Vitamin B6

    I believe Vitamin B6 is vital as a food and supplement source. It is present in many of our favourite foods and available as a stand alone supplement, within a complex of other B vitamins and added to some of our other favourite supplements.
  • Menopause and our skin. Say hello to my big sister Retinal... not Retinol! I’ve tried it and I like it!

    Have you been looking in the mirror recently, wondering why you seem to be aging so quickly since your menopause journey started? Me too!  Well let's get to work to slow down the process, there’s work to be done.
  • Maca! It may help relieve some of the symptoms of menopause

    Maca powder, Could this be the winner of all supplements?

  • Simple, everyday recipes that use Maca

    I’d love to share with you some of my quick easy peasy vegan Maca recipes. If you’d like to know more about maca where I reveal the benefits I believe make maca an essential supplement as an aid to reducing symptoms associated with menopause follow the link.