About Me

Hello Dear Friends,

Welcome to Meet Me in the Menopause, a safe place that you can call ‘hope’.

A space to visit when you’re feeling out of sorts, when times feel hard, you might feel alone, want a little pick me up, a space to relax, to chat and find a little inspiration.

My name is Petra.


My menopause began when I was 47, being hit with an uncontrollable lack of focus. Some of the usual symptoms like dizziness, hot flashes, nausea, anxiety  and brain fog  came streaming in far too fast for me to comprehend. I was only to find that I couldn’t fight these symptoms alone by believing I’m not ready for this, go away!!

Acceptance at the beginning of my menopause journey was very hard for me, spending over a year in denial and total disbelief that I was embarking on this stage in my life. I was far too young, spunky, energetic, I thought, to be going through what my mother always referred to as ‘the change’, how wrong I was .  

The will to succeed was always there to fight, even the determination but the energy to succeed was not; it was gone. I found myself increasingly falling into delusionment, believing anything I wanted to achieve I could do and more, because if this was the menopause it wasn’t going to take me down a dark path, but I’m afraid it did take me, and it’s taken me time and  hard work to get back to the strong person I once was.  

So lovely friends I decided to share my journey with you. To inspire and hopefully give hope to you with some of the things that have worked for me since I began on this new journey in my life. My presence here with you is not for medical advice, but rather to address lifestyle issues during challenging times . I aim to be a resource for you to enhance well-being and promote the importance of self care.

You will find I focus quite extensively on mood and many of the methods of relieving my symptoms are based on holistic methods, diet and exercise. For me my focus all starts with my mood and the will to learn to unscramble any negative thoughts that my menopause tries it’s best to throw at me, knowing it will fail at stopping me in my path to good health and fortitude.

I believe I can conquer this world of my menopause symptoms. What about you?

I am here sharing my journey and aim to be a resource, an aid and a friend,  and you are welcome to share your journey too.


Let’s get down to basics and start with a slow cleanse



The first key step is to know you’re already doing great and trying your best.

Many ladies in menopause are doing so much naturally from eating their favourite healthy foods to taking a stroll in nature. With a little fine tuning of your diet routine the difference you can feel after a couple of weeks can be truly outstanding.

At Meet Me in the Menopause we take our time to get to the level of knowledge that is right for us to move forward. There are no comparisons and there is no competition between any of us, we’re here to address our own symptoms or the people we are supporting, to create sustainable wellness.

I created this shared journey of my menopause for you to consider trying some of the things that have supported me, as they may work for you too.